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September 2013



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Sep. 8th, 2013



One shot.
I wrote this after seeing 'Scream' MV. Hmm, in fact I have another version in my mind, but I'm so lazy, hehe.


Dark. Or he thinks so. His head turns to the right trying to hear that sound, better. It isn't really a clear sound, more like a scratching one and the hair on his back goes straight up when he is hearing it again. Closer.

"Why the hell can't I see? I'm not blinded" he thinks to himself.

"...the hell...", a shallow voice is whispering right in front of him and he's feeling the short breath on his skin, a hot, burning breath of air. "Right from the devil's mouth", he can't help it thinking it.

"Where am I? Who are you?"

"...devil's mouth", he feels again the hot breath of air on his skin, right of his forehead. The moment he tries to remember the last thing he did before being there, his head starts to hurt...like hell. Flashes of short memories invade his mind, but he's not sure about anything. Why the hell would he remember a blooded ax? He never had or used one. A short laugh makes him agitated.

"...oh, but you did, my loved one. And you used it so well, just as I taught you to."

A woman's voice. Why is there a woman? And where is "there"?

"Where am I? Who are you?"


A new flash of memory takes him by surprise and he gulps in horror when his eyes 'sees' the scene - blood. A lot of, actually. On his hands. He looks with curiosity at them and a small smile rise on his lips. He's eyes are a little mismatched, now.

Why the hell would he smile? He's panicking more and more and tries to stand up on his feet, but he can't; he realizes he's on a bed or something and he's tied down. Pretty well.

Cold sweat makes his skin all sticky and he tries to remember again, but in vane.

"Try to think the way it smelled in that room, my loved one."

Ok. That is a new voice, but why do they keep calling him so? And how many people are in th...


The smell of blood surrounds him chocking him, making him drown in it. He would cry if his eyes would not be busy 'seeing' a new flash of memory; he suddenly remembers a clear sound of something hard hitting something...Oh, a body.

He is tranquil.

"I see, and the medication worked, you say. Ok, this is the last session."

That body doesn't scare him, as strange as this may be. It makes him intrigued, actually. And...interested.

"Yes, my loved one, that's right, we are interested."

Voices don’t scare him, no more. In fact, strangely enough he feels at ease with them, but he's not questioning himself, why. Why would he?

“Mr. Shim, how are you today? Can you talk to us? Today is a big day for you, you will be released from the isolation and if you behave you’ll be released in no time into a more relaxed institution, a private one.” The doctor tries to speak right in fron of his face, observing every change on the young man's face. His breath is hitting Changmin's skin.

“Hello, doctor. I’m fine, a bit tied up”, he tries a joke and the doctor smiles.

“Ok, sir. Let’s begin with the questions, shall we? I’ll untie you, we did it because we tried a higher concentration of medication, but you are all right.”


“How do you feel about the death of your girlfriend? Do you remember who you saw when you arrived home?"


On a shelf, in a private institution with quite loose regulations there is a picture with a lovely couple. As a proof of their love it’s written:

‘To my loved one’, Changminnie.


I really, really want to see him acting in a role like that. Or Yoochun. Even Jae, or Yunho, or Junsu. Awesome!^^